Lindsay Station, Money

“Affordable” Boston Apartment

We were simply looking to find an affordable Boston apartment for two guys and two dogs…

The benefit of living with roommates (especially a couple that you would have included in your MySpace Top 8) is obvious. The four of us are able to live in an amazing apartment, in an amazing location, at an amazing price. Beyond rent, the cost of living (internet, electric, house supplies, food) is significantly cheaper.

Our life is (was) a giant 50% off sale.

You can imagine how things might change when our roommates take jobs in San Fransisco… the sale is over. Faced with $3,200/month in rent and the full cost of living we began to consider our options:

  1. Double our monthly rent from $1,600 to $3,200: We love (love) our apartment and love living in the South End. We really considered this but we feel like we are throwing our money out the window.
  2. Find a cheaper apartment: This means smaller, older, or farther away… and we refuse to shower in a claw foot tub or leave our house to do laundry ever again so the options are limited. Plus…  We have 2 dogs.
  3. We can’t think of a #3

We hit Zillow / Craigslist and started to poke around. Checking in occasionally for condos that we couldn’t afford and didn’t really want to live in.

We have been here before.

Last time we were in this situation it was 2012. We were one year into our Fenway neighborhood apartment, Stephen was in college, and it was the first time we lived together. We loved this apartment. We then found out that our rent was increasing from $1,600 to $2,000/month and there were no improvements being made to our place. Hardest part was taking then puppy Dexter from his favorite window.

Dexter Window

We ended up buying a house in the town of Walpole Ma. It was an 1910 American Square. Over the following two years we flipped it and want to tell you all about it later.

You think we would have seen this coming. 

Two days into our apartment search we found a house and we call her Lindsay Station. We started the process of trying to win her and as it turns out we pulled it off (so far).

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